“I can do things you cannot,

YOU can do things I cannot,

TOGETHER we can do great things”

Rocket Executives

Being Co-Owners and Managers has been an incredible learning curb for us.

Our passion for our customers, Our team and Our products has made our road rewarding and fruitful.

We would like to thank everyone who has supported us throughout the years

Our Nationality

Being Australian, English is our first language , unfortunately neither of us had the opportunity to learn another language whilst young.

We are grateful to our staff who speak english much better than we speak Thai.

We started Rocket Back in 1987

Out of Devina’s Wardrobe truck and with a old singer sewing Machine bought by Grant the first shot bags were made and filled.

Professional Summary

We met as onset Film technicians, Grant a lighting Technician and Devina in the Costume Department.

From there we co founded Rocket and its been over 21 years of manufacturing and serving our Customers

Devina Maxwell & Grant Atkinson