Overhead Rags that Reduce light

Overhead Rags that Reflect Light

Overhead Rags that Diffuse light

Audio Accessories

Weight Bags

Belts; Wallets and Belt Accessories

Chroma Keys sewn on closed Frames

Cutters and Flags

Drawstring Storage bags for Overheads ( Rags )

Frame Bags

Its important to make sure your light modifying equipment investments are protected and stored safely

Rockets Cutter, Flag and Scrim Storage Bags are made of Oxford weave, High Tenacity, 1000 Denier Nylon fabric one of strongest waterproof Backpack materials available.

They are stitched with the same thread and accessories include Quality zip closures and super Strong webbings.

The Rigid Bag is double skinned with a corrugated plastic inserted between the layers, front and back to protect the contents.
The Bags will hold 6 items each. A insertable rigid divider Makes 6 compartments that will protect delicate coverings.