Cutting Team

Cutting Team
Ms. Ladda Pengmuangmul Mr. Jukree Khumkum Ms. Saipin Dahnong Ms. Samuan Janhorm Mr. Saksit Srimora Ms. Nadda Srimora

Ms. Ladda Pengmuangmul

Position : Head Cutting
Joined : 2001

" I have worked at Rocket for many years, I have had to adjust to many different workers, Overall my co workers are great and work is good "

Mr. Jukree Khumkum

Position : Packaging and Driver
Joined : 2016

" Since I came to work at the company, I have felt that it's right for me. I'm happy to work here. I love this company "

Ms. Saipin Dahnong

Position : Cutting Assistant
Joined : 20176


" I enjoy working for Rocket, my work colleagues are always ready to help. and don't pressure me."

Ms. Samuan Janhorm

Position : House Keeper
Joined : 2015

" Our company likes to have fun, It is my life. And love it."

Mr. Saksit Srimora

Position : Packing and factory floor
Joined : 2015

" Since I came to work at this company. I feel good and well looked after."

Ms. Nadda Srimora

Position : Cutting Assistant
Joined : 2011

" Since coming to work here, I have benefited a lot. I am happy to work."