“I can do things you cannot,

YOU can do things I cannot,

TOGETHER we can do great things”


-Mother Teresa

My Role at Rocket Products

I Guess I am the manager, But I could not do this without my reliable office staff.

I am a hands on person and often end up right there on the production floor .

I enjoy people and sales is a part of my job i really enjoy because i dont need to spin any long tales just tell it like it is

My Nationality and Languages I can speak

Although I was born in England , I am an Australian National

My Parents and I immigrated to  Australia when I was just 3 years old.

My first Language is English and I get by with my less than perfect Thai Thanks to our incredible Thai Team.

I have been at Rocket since….

The beginning of time

Professional Summary

Blah Blah Blah

team extra data Member biography

Mr Grant Atkinson (Big Boss)

Email: grant@rocketproducts.net Phone: +66 081 9491553 Website: www.rocketproducts.net Company address: 99-99/1-2 Radutid Rd, T Chungnern, A Muang Rayong, THAILAND 21000