Our Company Boasts A Multi Skilled team to service your needs.

Our workers are well paid Receive company Benefits above and beyond the normal and enjoy a comfortable workshop setting

Our focus is on Customer Service and our main objective is Customer Satisfaction.

Our employees are required to work individually towards our team objectives, which are drawn from the mission statement below:


Our Mission Statement

To produce and supply world standard products and services so that Rocket Products International becomes synonymous with exceptional quality and service.

We will strive to create an interesting and dynamic work environment based on trust and friendship, constantly working to further enhance Team and Client relations

Office Staff

Cutting Team

Ms. Ladda Pengmuangmul

Position : Head Cutting
Joined : 2001

" I have worked at Rocket for many years, I have had to adjust to many different workers, Overall my co workers are great and work is good "

Mr. Jukree Khumkum

Position : Packaging and Driver
Joined : 2016

" Since I came to work at the company, I have felt that it's right for me. I'm happy to work here. I love this company "

Ms. Saipin Dahnong

Position : Cutting Assistant
Joined : 20176


" I enjoy working for Rocket, my work colleagues are always ready to help. and don't pressure me."

Ms. Samuan Janhorm

Position : House Keeper
Joined : 2015

" Our company likes to have fun, It is my life. And love it."

Mr. Saksit Srimora

Position : Packing and factory floor
Joined : 2015

" Since I came to work at this company. I feel good and well looked after."

Ms. Nadda Srimora

Position : Cutting Assistant
Joined : 2011

" Since coming to work here, I have benefited a lot. I am happy to work."